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Beauchamp Limoges, manufacturers of fine porcelain French Limoges boxes, offer the highest quality Limoges boxes in an extensive array of styles and shapes.

Beauchamp Limoges commissions a select group of the most artistic and experienced artisans from the Limousine region in France to produce its exceptional Limoges box collection.  This magnificent collection includes numerous exclusive and original designs.  

Beauchamp Limoges boxes are known by their distinctive insignia and the “Limoges, France” designation as the guarantee of authenticity and the origin of manufacture.  These exquisite keepsakes include traditional classic styles as well as whimsical shapes to capture any collector's fancy.

The outstanding and ever-growing collection of Limoges boxes offered by Beauchamp Limoges provides gift-buyers and collectors with numerous choices to enhance their collections.

Exceptional Artistry

Beauchamp Limoges is proud to offer the highest quality Limoges boxes, crafted and hand-painted by French master artisans for the discerning collector.

Each piece in this collection truly equals the craftsmanship and artistry of French porcelain displayed at museums and French palaces such as Versailles and Fontainebleau.

These masterpiece collectibles make a crowning addition to any collection!

Limoges boxes are loved, admired and collected by countless collectors in the United States and worldwide.  These miniature treasures are also an excellent choice for Holiday gifts as well as any occasion.

Whether you are an avid Limoges collector or just starting your collection, you are sure to find many irresistible Limoges boxes in the Beauchamp Limoges collection!

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